Research studies of Adorno

Outline the similarities and differences between the research studies of Adorno et al. (1950) and Allum (2011) on personality types.

Please refer to Chapter 1, Section 2 of “Investigating Psychology” which contains a lot of information about the research studies of Adorno et al. Also, Chapter 1, Section 3 of “Investigating Methods” describes Allum’s research. These two sections are likely to be of greatest relevance for this.

“Investigating Psychology” by Nicola Brace & Jovan Byford
“Investigating Research Methods” by Jean McAvoy & Nicola Brace

The next step is to decide which points to use in the essay. Don’t try to include every possible similarity and difference, or spend too much of the essay describing the studies in detail. Instead, try to focus on a smaller number of important similarities and differences that can be elaborated on and supported with examples. Writing a coherent essay is not simply a case of stating a number of different points of comparison and contrast. 

The key is to:
Add a carefully constructed introduction and conclusion to the essay. Whilst paying attention to signposting the argument – for example, tell the reader if you are writing about a similarity or a difference. 
Do use linking words and phrases that take you from one point to the next. 

When marking the clients tutor will be looking for:
– Evidence of understanding of the relevant material 
– Good paraphrasing skills and evidence of writing in your own words
– The ability to structure the essay in a logical way
– Clear and concise writing
– The ability to provide evidence to support points made in the essay 
– Referencing of sources 
– Keeping within the word limit of 1000 words.

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