Research paradigm

Assignment is to ANALYSE Research Paradigm, based on the Chosen Article and using the lecture slide’s as an outline:

The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of a particular research philosophy and how it informs how we conduct management research. It is also expected that you demonstrate an understanding of different insights that an alternative perspective might provide. 

You should use the Chosen Article:

“Servitization: Disentangling the impact of service business model innovation on manufacturing firm performance” by Ivanka Visnjic Kastalli and Bart Van Looy. See the attached: Chosen.Article..pdf. 

See the attached for the full guidelines which you should follow: Assignment.Guid..pdf.

See the attached for an outline of 8 lectures, following the “Four Research Paradigms”. You should analyse which paradigm which has been used in the article. 

See the attached for an example essay which has been provided by the client’s University for better understanding on how to do the assignment: Assignment..Example.pdf.

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