Research paper – Topic Justification

TOPIC JUSTIFICATIONThe first step in your research project is to decide on a topic.need to turn in a memo (up to two pages) describing your topic.You will need to justify why the topic is important and how it is germane for this course. Put considerable thought into the selection of a topic.A topic you find intellectually interesting will be more rewarding (and easier) for you to research. Your topic must have an international/regional/subregional focus (i.e., single-country topics are strongly discouraged).Keep in mind that your topic should not be solely on current events.Your memo must include the following:1)   General statement about the subject matter;2)   Specific research question(s);3)   Justification and discussion of how the topic fits into the theme of this course;4)   At least one example of the literature you will draw upon.Political Science


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