Research Methods in Education

Assignment Brief:

Plan a small scale educational enquiry.

Justify all the stages you would intend to carry out, and detail any difficulties you might reasonably expect to encounter.

Note that you are not expected to carry out the research at this stage, although the plan may form the basis of an educational enquiry unit at a later date.
Your assignment should be approximately 5000 words in length.
The published works which you mention in the text must be clearly and fully referenced.
You will be expected to demonstrate that you have read the relevant literature, understood the key concepts and reflected on how you might best apply your understanding to your research. Awareness of a balance between theory and practical implementation is required. In addition you should remember that description alone is inadequate; you will need to demonstrate skill in analysis and synthesis.

Suggested Books:

Denscombe, M (2010) The Good Research Guide. (4th ed.) Buckingham: Open University Press. (Core Textbook)

Bell , J. (2005) Doing Your Research Project: a guide for first time researchers in education, 4th edition Maidenhead: Open University Press

Blaxter, L. Hughes, C. & Tight, M (2006) How to Research. (3rd ed.) Buckingham: Open University Press.

Cohen, L, Manion, L & Morrison, K (2011) Research Methods in Education (7th ed.) London: Routledge.

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