reseach paper;investigate a connection between field of study society

Do any research on the refurbishment feasibility of an existing site to preserve it and make it counter-productive.This study includes specific requirements like it must be a heritage home or public bldg. but is not limited to homes or commercial establishments that are presently ideally intended for repurpose design project.

-Message me about whats your research question

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For each source
What type of document is the source (journal article, news article, government document, etc.)?
When considering the reliability of this source for your research project, what positive and/or negative features can you identify?

-Please consider two of the sources you have found in your research, and explain their main ideas and how the sources relate to one another.

Do the sources agree or disagree with one another?
Does one source go into greater detail than the other?
Are the sources written for the same or different audiences?

-Create an annotated bibliography of four sources that could be used for your research project with summary, evaluation and use

-Message me about the working thesis statement and sentence outline

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