Report for a board of Housing Association.

– Include a brief introduction setting out the purpose of the report

– Provide an overview of the social context in which housing organisations operate and how this affects their policies and practice. This section should include a brief discussion of the profile of social housing tenants in ABC Housing compared to the national picture, and how this has changed over the last three or four decades. (Some information and thoughts are set out below.)

– Provide an overview of recent key policy developments in England country and their likely (or actual) impact on the future development and delivery of services. In this section, should also demonstrate a critical awareness of policy and practice differences in England, Scotland and Wales 

– Identify one national housing policy and critique it in more depth and detail, illustrating why the policy was introduced, what it aims to achieve, and how it has worked in practice. (Funding for Affordable Homes)

– An assessment of the impact of Funding for Affordable Homes policy on ABC Housing and residents, including equality and diversity issues and the delivery (or re-shaping) of local services. (Some information and thoughts are provided below.)

– A conclusion that draws out any lessons for policy development generally and / or makes recommendations for improvements in the delivery of Funding for Affordable Homes.

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