reflective response

reflective response paper to one of the following readings:— Edward W. Said, “Introduction” to Orientalism— Waleed Hazbun, “The Middle East through the Lens of Critical Geopolitics”— Saba Mahmood, “Religion, Feminism, and Empire”— Saba Mahmood, “Minority Rights and Religious Liberty”Again, the word limit will be ~750, 2 or 3 pages, but this can be flexible., we are asking you to reflect, tell us what the article made you think and feel. While you should memorize some key points from the article you select, most of the paper should be focused on a deep reflection of the text. What concepts interested you, what confused you? You are encouraged to reference the article, mention sections of the article that are of interest to you—but be mindful to avoid an extreme use of quotes (for instance, do not insert an entire paragraph from your article).One thing that you should keep in mind is the context of the article you are responding to. When were the articles published? What was happening during that moment? What is the context of the author’s experience?  Questions of context can generate deeper thinking and conversations about the ideas the author is discussing, and so I strongly encourage you to think about this.Political Science


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