Real Estate; Global Financial Crisis

In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), how would you advise investors to proceed in taking on more risk and generating higher return?

You are working in the research department of CJCH a major international real estate service firm. One of your clients, Global Real Investors, during the financial crisis restructured their portfolio and focused on prime assets in core locations. Their portfolio is now dominated by prime ‘Class A’ offices and dominant shopping centres. Global Real Investors sense now is the time to take on more risks by allocating capital to non-core locations and assets. Their objective is to generate more income and take advantage of pricing and emerging dynamic sectors. This client is seeking your advice on the real estate sectors and locations they should be considering investing in on a global basis in the coming year. They would like to see an indepth analysis on how risks and opportunities in non-prime markets are now assessed. They expect recommendations as to the locations and sectors they should be considering increased allocations in. 

You analysis should focus on two countries of your choice. As a starting point you need to provide a brief analysis of the post GFC performance of prime assets in core locations in the countries concerned. This will then serve as an important benchmark for your subsequent analysis. 

The Country focus should be on: Brazil and India. 

The client has access to RCA (Real Capital Analytics) and can pull any kind of transaction data when needed.

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