Read the Case and Answer 5 Questions (International Relations)

Case Study: The International Criminal CourtCase 258: Establishing an International Criminal Court: The Emergence of a  New Global Authority?Blackboard packetCase Study Questions for “Establishing an International Criminal Court: The Emergence of a New Global Authority?”1. In a couple of paragraphs, briefly describe what the case is about (who, what, where, when).2. Describe who/what were the main actors and their interests in supporting or opposing the creation of the ICC?  (Be sure to outline what were the concerns that the Bush administration had about the Rome Statute.)3. What is the ICC’s jurisdiction?4. Why has the court been controversial?  (see links)5. Do you the think the creation of the ICC is an example of a new global governance structure that is emerging in global politics? Why or why not?  ICC home pageRecent controversies: Science


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