Rajiv Gandhi Vidyutikaran YoJana and Blackboard- Cleaning

I donot know how the blackboard-cleaning is related to “Rajiv Gandhi Vidyutikaran YoJana”? If automatic cleaner needs electricity,then it will be more proolematic to implement throughout India. My data related to blackboards includes all schools(private and govt. )in rural and urban India. ‘ can substantiate my conclusion with different surveys and datas prepared by govt. and non-govt. agencies that still in rural area more than half of the schools have negligible basic infrastructure.
As far s Mid-day meal scheme is concerned I have worked on this in 23 blocks. ‘ know what type of food-grain comes for the food and how officials and department of education works on this? My NGO has also done survey regarding basic infrastructural facilities in government primary schools in seven districts. MOre than 40% of the schools showing different infrastructural facilities on the goverment-paper is false. Few government schools are even running on the paper only. I am not sayiing that Blackboard cleaner would not improve the situation.
But,it can be used only if there will be a blackboard. If you will allow me,then I will present the datas of Planning Commission,Department of HRD(Govt. of India) and different state governments. You are lucky that you found Blackboard in the village during field- work. And,also please keep onething in mind that we were sent to those villages,where we can reach by easy transportation mode. But,there are thousands of villages in India,where even district administration and police cannot access in any extraordinary situations. hools,blackboards and other infrastuctural facilities are remote things for those villages. I appreciate your imagination for planning to adopt one BPL family by one tax-payer and Blackboard cleaner… but,these poetic imagination has extreme limitations….. There are other basic needs of the infrastructure which should be addressed before thinking of automatic blackboard. May be there could be alternates like running the school in shifts if the class strength is large in number. People of village can be encouraged to get together and ask the

Panchayat to talk at higher level to run the school in shifts in their village. As mentioned before, electricity and maintenance problem of automatic blackboard will be an issue in villages where electricity is not there. we may need automatic blackboards in schools in rural areas but before that dont you think that their are more critical and important issues like teacher students ratio,poor quality of education and reducing high dropout rates to be addressed….. Anshul sood p30003 any work By dhageas


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