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Draft of a 4-5 page essay (INDIVIDUAL) 
How did your analysis of this topic from different sources reveal  bias or not?  What have you learned about how citizens should gain and  judge their news? 
 Introduce the topic, providing background context, and state your  stance. (your conclusion) on the issue of media bias in an inviting  introduction.  
 Use formal logical thinking processes to describe and analyze the  presence or absence of bias and propaganda in the multiple sources you  have on a single current event. Cite specific examples and comparisons.  
What are some of the implications of your findings? Give your  recommendations on what citizens should to gain knowledge of current  events.  
In an appendix, reflect upon the thinking processes you used.  Which  aspects of the Thinking process chart did you use?  Be sure to include  reflections on your premises and dispositions.  The appendix is not  included in your 4-5 page limit. 
Your paper should have at least 5-7 citations.  APA formatted. 

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