Qatar Petrochemical Company

This unit is about understanding strategic leadership skills and strategies and the understanding of ethical and cultural issues within the organisation.

Sections to be completed:

1. Understand an organisation’s ethical and value-based approach to leadership 
1.1 Analyse the impact of the organisation’s culture and values on strategic leadership
1.2 Discuss how organisational specific, legal, regulatory and ethical requirements impact on strategic leadership demands
1.3 Evaluate current and emerging social concerns and expectations impacting on strategic leadership in the organisation

2. Understand strategic leadership styles 
2.1 Evaluate the relationship between strategic management and leadership
2.2 Evaluate leadership styles and their impact on strategic decisions
2.3 Discuss why leadership styles need to be adapted indifferent situations
2.4 Evaluate the impact of leadership styles on the organisation

3.Understand leadership strategies and their impact on organisational direction
3.1 Evaluate two differing leadership strategies
3.2 Determine situational variables which could cause a change in leadership strategy
3.3 Analyse a leadership strategy to support organisational direction

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