Q&A Paper #2: “#GovernmentSucks” from Running from Office

Paper 2Jennifer L. Lawless and Richard L. Fox give you both quantitative (percentages) and qualitative (interview) data about how young people relate to politics in Running from Office.  How much time do high school and college students spend paying attention to political issues in comparison to other activities?Please explain by making reference to specific details, including the data the authors provide.Why do young people have the attitudes they do?Again, be specific.Lastly, how do you think the matter should be addressed?Please reference the excerpt to make your case.  Yes, I’m asking for your opinion, however it must be supported with information from Lawless and Fox’s work.+0-5 points for describing how young people spend their days+0-5 points for examining why they have their view of politics+0-5 points for exploring potential solutions+0-5 points for organization, clarity, and grammarPSI attached the syllabus so that you can see what is requiredPolitical Science


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