Public Relations Analysis Presentation and Press Release

Part IDevelop a 6- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on public relations.Apply the following approach in your presentation:Identify a major public relations crisis as though you were a public relations consultant working to help a client.Propose a crisis plan to the client to address the crisis.Suggest what sort of attitude the client should convey about the crisis to improve the public’s perception of it.Part IIWrite a press release or news story of no more than 350 to 500 words on the client’s behalf, announcing the client’s position on the public relations crisis discussed in your presentation. In addition to the press release, write a paragraph to answer the following questions:What media would you approach to communicate the message?What conflicting loyalties may exist in handling this crisis?What is the effect of ethics and social responsibility on public relations in this particular situation?Cite at least two references.Include the press release in your presentation.Political Science


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