public law;Blog Post Exercise

Blog Post Exercise – Formal Requirements. 

Write a 1000 word academic blog post commenting on the constitutional issues raised by any story appearing in the news since you started studying Public Law I (Advanced), ie. after 25 September 2017.

The body of your blog post should (instead of references) make use of embedded hyperlinks to online sources. However, you should include a bibliography of up to five ‘works consulted’ at the end of your post, to indicate academic sources you have consulted as part of your research

The focus should be on discussing issues regarding the tax evasion. Please involve Criminal Finances Act 2017 and how should the UK government deals with this issue, especially after Brexit deals? What are the relations of Panama and Paradise Papers? How should the government reacts to tax evaders, especially with the rising attention on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin? And what could the government do to minimise the damages done to its country due to this problem?

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