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AS Description: Review the parenting styles discussed in chapter 7. Describe your mother and father’s parenting style. Discuss the way your parents treated your siblings, explain the similarities and differences and the siblings’ responses.
AS Instructions: Review the parenting styles discussed in chapter 7. Describe the parenting styles of your mother and father. If you only have one parent, then describe an extended family member. Provide examples to support the style you chose. Did your parents treat you and your siblings the same? If so, how did each sibling respond and what would you attribute to their response? If not, how did your parents’ behavior differ and explain why the difference existed? If you did not have siblings, then describe extended family members. The assignment should be a minimum of 500 words in length and follow strict APA 7th edition format. Upload as a Word document.
go to the link below to see the terms from chapter 7:
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