PSYCH 635 Week 3 Shaping and Chaining, Reinforcement Schedules and One-Trial Learning

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Proposal:

Prepare a 10-12 slide proposal with detailed speaker notes for a research project demonstrating how engineering psychologists can employ shaping and chaining, reinforcement schedules or one-trial learning techniques (choose only one) to teach equipment operators how to operate a new piece of equipment—for

example, pilots transitioning from an analog cockpit to a digital cockpit.

Address the following in your proposal:







Industrial/Organizational Psychology Literature Review:

Prepare a 3- to 5-page literature review for a research paper on how engineering psychologists employ shaping and chaining, reinforcement schedules, and one-trial learning techniques in designing the transition from one situation to a new one—for example, production assemblers learning to assemble a new computer that is similar to the previous model but has subtle but important differences. Provide citations from relevant human and animal research to support your assertions.  You need more than three (at least 5) scholarly resources here.

Address the following in your paper:

Theoretical or construct basis for the concepts of shaping and chaining, reinforcement schedules and one-trial learning techniques, including historical development.

Current understanding of effective application of these learning concepts


Please remember your assignment, regardless of format, is the equivalent of a paper! It needs to be as complete as a paper with APA formatted citations and references. Remember to use at least 3 peer reviewed references – at least 5 if you choose a literature review. Please see the requirements in the posted rubric.


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