psych 201

    1. Please select a research article from the list provided 
    2. Read the article carefully and thoughtfully. Write a 2 page double-spaced reaction to the article                                                i.     Summarize the main points of the article. Discuss your reaction to it, and describe in detail any conclusions that the authors make as well as conclusions that readers may come away from the article with. 


                                             ii.     Share about why this topic interests you. Does the article remind you of any personal experiences? Please describe any other connections you have made to personal observations of others or their experiences.

                                            iii.     Describe what you think the IV(s) and DV(s) are in the actual study. Use the information only in the popular article. You do not need to be correct, just go with what you get from the article.

                                            iv.     Does the article mention any possible confounds or problems of the study design? If not, what confounds or methodological limitations do you think might exist for the original study? How does that affect the conclusions people can make about the data?

                                             v.     I am looking for evidence that you have read the article carefully and spent time thinking about how the authors convey their points.

  1. Article Choices

    A.  “Kids’ willpower influenced by others’ reliability”: Others’ reliability, not just a child’s personality, affects their willpower


    B. “Rebuffing racial insults: How culture shapes our behavior”



    D. “Patient personality can hinder detection of depression, research finds”


    E. “Yoga can help with insomnia”


    I need 3 papers on 3 different topics 

    In total there has to be 3 different papers on 3 different articles from the provided articles

    2 pages each 

    Times new roman

    font 12

    double spaced



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