PSY 380 Research Paper: Discussion

Criteria for Discussion What do the results mean in the context of the existing literature on the topic? Open this section with a brief (a few sentences) summaries of the main findings of your study and how they relate to your hypotheses. Then go on to interpret and evaluate these findings, particularly with respect to your hypotheses and the original problem that you set out to investigate. Discuss how your findings relate to previous work. It is also appropriate to raise potential methodological shortcomings of your study. Discuss how the design could be improved in the future. Is there any practical relevance to your work? What could be future directions? • Start specific and then go towards generally • Retell your most important results and embed them in the existing literature • Interpretations • Put in context • Next steps/future directions/Contributions to the field Criteria for Abstract The abstract is a brief, but comprehensive, summary of the experiment. It should allow readers to survey the content in a few moments. Your abstract should describe in no more than 200 words the research area and the question that is being addressed. Preferred language style US English


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