PSC101 Discussions

Discussion 1:As part of participation in class activities, you are required to post your thought on one each for chapter. Additionally, you must post at least two response (one for each chapter) to other peoples’ posting. Be sure to subscribe to the discussion portal for notification purpose.I will be using class list to call on students randomly to share their postings with fellow students for discussion in the class. Hence, please come prepared.Chapter 5. Public Opinion1. How has college influenced your political views?2. How would you describe the differences between liberal and conservative  ideologies?3. What are your opinions about same sex marriage and gun right in America?4. What roles does political advertisement play in Americans’ opinions about immigration?Chapter 6.  Media1. Describe how media broadcast and internet influence your knowledge of politics.2. Media has no influence on the political behavior of educated Americans. Do you agree? Why or Why not?Discussion 2:  Just talk about anything about the Congress for around 300 wordsThe Congress_Class DiscussionTh C_Class DiscussiPolitical Science


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