PS4S26 Assessment Brief

This assignment will be marked out of 100%

This assignment contributes to 100% of the total module marks.

Learning Outcomes to be assessed

As specified in the validated module descriptor available at:

Learning outcome 1

Demonstrate a broad knowledge of the range of activities that comprise contemporary strategic operations management within a variety of contexts and situations

Learning outcome 2

Develop personal skills to be able to critically evaluate and improve the performance of processes within both the operations field and also the wider organisational environment

Grading Criteria

Please see School’s marking criteria for undergraduate/post graduate assessments on the module VLE. Any additional grading/marking guidance will be posted with assessment task below.


This assessment comprises TWO parts.

PART A – Reflective Analysis (50% of marks)

– The Reflective Analysis shall be 2500-3000 words in length.

– At the beginning of the module you will identify ONE personal skill that you aim to develop and improve.

– Your Reflective Analysis will detail WHAT YOU DID to improve that skill and HOW EFFECTIVE your efforts have been.

PART B – Report (50% of marks)

– The Report shall be 2500-3000 words in length.

– It will require you to examine the Job Description for an Operation Manager’s position.

You are required to select an advert for an Operation Manager’s role: you may select an advert from any online recruitment agency.

– You MUST include the job advert as an Appendix to your Report.

– Using appropriate theory, literature, techniques and approaches that you have encountered in the module, discuss the following:

• What are likely to be the operational challenges that the successful candidate would face? (20%)

• How would you address the main issues? (80%)

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