Proposing a Solution

PROBLEM: Cost of Books and Supplies for College Students
SOLUTION:  That the government uses a high amount of money to buy the books and materials necessary for the students and that they are available for the rent of these each semester.  
LENGTH & SOURCE REQUIREMENTS:•5-9double spaced, typed pages(including Works Cited)
•Follow MLA guidelines for the heading on the first page
•Use the correct header to appear on each page 
•Title including the specific real world audience you are targeting A Proposal to…Submitted to…
•Minimum of 5 sources. Must be incorporated into your formal proposal using correct in-text citations that correspond with the first piece of information on your Works Cited.
FORMAL PROPOSAL STRUCTURE:Your Proposal to Solve a Problem Writing Project should follow the Framework in Fig. 14.2, pg. 364 in your Allyn & Bacon textbook and include the following five parts:
2.Presentation of the proposed solution
4.Summary and rebuttal of opposing views (Follow the Practical Proposal bullet points)


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