Project: Part 4: Identification of a Policy Alternative

Project: Part 4: Identification of a Policy AlternativeAs an astute social worker and professional policy advocate, once you have selected and identified a social problem, you begin the process of creating and implementing a policy that addresses that social problem. One of the first things you do in the implementation process is an analysis of the social policy you identified. There is always the possibility that the policy created and implemented to address the social problem you identified is not viable for a variety of reasons. In this case, you must explore a policy alternative.In Part 4 of your ongoing Social Change Project assignment, you identify a policy alternative to the social problem you identified.By Day 7Complete Part 4 of your Social Change Project.Address the following items within a 3-4 page paper:· What is the policy alternative?· What, if any, change(s) in the policy alternative are necessary and where will they need to occur (local, state, national, and international)?· Is this policy alternative congruent with social work values? Explain.· What is the feasibility of the alternative policy (political, economic, and administrative)?· Does the policy alternative meet the policy goals (e.g., social equality, redistribution of resources, social work values, and ethics)?· What are the forces that are for/against the policy?· What policy advocacy skills can be used to support the policy alternative?· How does the current policy affect clinical social work practice with clients?· What changes could be made in the policy to support the needs of clients seeking clinical services?· Provide an update on the advocacy activities your proposed in the Week 6 Assignment.Political Science


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