Project Management Concept and Practice

The questions are:

1- Project management practices are evolving. There is some recognition that a new age in project management is currently taking shape, and this is referred to as PM 2.0. Already established practices have, then, been referred to as PM 1.0. Compare and contrast PM 1.0 and PM 2.0. Discuss critically a selection of differentiating factors, which you argue are more prominent.

2- The understanding of success and failure of a project has been evolving alongside project management practices. New definitions of success are emerging. More controversial is the question “Can a project be a success and a failure at the same time?” Develop a critical argument that supports to which extent each position can be justified.

the third question is hard so please make sure you answer ONE of these question above.

Please make sure

to support your points, you are encouraged to use secondary data. Evidence based on secondary data would typically consist of references to the academic literature. The purpose of referencing is to provide evidence and support to your argument. Avoid excessive use of direct quotations from other authors, as this distracts from your original work. Endeavour to use grammatically correct English, academic style, and proof read your work.

Please also have a look on the attachments that i will send you so it will be easy for you to understand, Also have a look on the marking criteria and follow it.

the ebooks

KEY READING (e-books available at MMU Library):-

Kerzner, H., (2015) Project Management 2.0, John Wiley.

Kerzner, H., (2013) Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, 10th edition, John Wiley.

Silvius, G., Tharp, J., (Eds) (2013) Sustainability Integration for Effective Project Management, IGI Global Publishing.

Silvius, G., Shipper, R., Planko, J., Brink, J., Kholer, A., (2012) Sustainability in Project Management, Gower.

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