Project 5 Progress Report Discussion

PROGRESS REPORT DISCUSSION Project 5 Progress Report. Taking your cues from the discussion of progress reports in your textbook, post a report on your progress with Project 5. Direct your progress report to your instructor and classmates, in memo form, indicating all information required in relation to your Recommendation Report. (Note: Your progress report need not be as long as the one in the book, and it should address the questions below.)

  • What have you completed?
  • Have you made any changes to your topic (to what you plan to recommend or propose) based on what you’ve discovered in your research? If so, what has changed (and why)?
  • What remains to be done?
  • What is your timeline or schedule for completing the report?
    (Since Project 5 must be submitted by the end of the semester, make sure your time line accommodates that due date.)
  • Please feel free to ask your classmates and me for possible advice in relation to things you are working out with project 5. Are you still searching for a specific source of information? Are there issues of focus or organization or anything else related to writing or researching your report that you’d like input on? Ask us those questions, and we will try to respond in a helpful manner.

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