professional skills

This requires you to honestly reflect and self-assess your own professional skills and competencies (in other words your employability) and then to produce a personal development plan detailing how you expect to develop these. 

You should
a. Identify relevant skills and competencies based on the knowledge you have gained from the seminar series. You will need to note why these are relevant to you and the job you might seek when you leave us.
b. Reflect on your capability with respect to these skills and competencies. Are you good at them, is there room for improvement, do you lack them? 
c. Plan 
• how and when you could develop these skills and competencies making use of the resources the university has to offer. 
• how you will measure you have achieved this development you aspire to.
d. Write this up in a ‘thought piece’. 
a. In a ‘thought piece’ you are expected to voice your own opinion and own analysis. 
b. It is unlikely there will be theoretical underpinning (although if there is, this must be cited and referenced in the usual way (see the library portal for Harvard Referencing)). 
c. You need to write in a planned and structured way with an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. 
d. It should be concise and not ramble. It must appeal and make sense to the reader. It must be checked for spelling and grammar. 
e. This is not an ‘academic’ piece of work but may be a useful technique to have in a work place situation.

The Assessment Criteria
1. Identification of relevant skills – 20%
2. Evidence of reflection and contemplation – 30%
3. The detail of the development plan and how you will measure progress – 30% 
4. The presentation of the thought piece: structure, appeal and sense, argument and grammar – 20%

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