Portfolio of Marketing Tasks for a Case Study

Task 1

The Marketing Director of Fitbit has asked you for your thoughts on how its competitors “lose” to Fitbit regarding its competitive advantages. Required: Prepare a report outlining the following: a) a brief evaluation of the concept of competitive advantage and its impact on the success of marketing strategy b) an analysis of Fitbit’s competitive advantages and where this leads to winning share over its competitors.

Task 2:

The Marketing Director has asked you to prepare a marketing strategy for Fitbit for the next 18 months. Required: Prepare a report detailing the following: a) An analysis of the marketing situation of Fitbit in August 2015 using appropriate tools b) Your proposed marketing strategy, including objectives, strategic focus, competitive positioning and marketing mix. Presentation Requirements: Word Count: Coursework Portfolio: Assessed Task #1: 950 words Assessed Task #2: 1,900 words Font Size: 12 Line Spacing: 1 ½ Please submit all your work for both tasks in one pdf document. (Any relevant work created in Excel should be copied into a Word document which should then be saved as a pdf file to preserve the formatting in your original document). 

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