Political Turbian Paper

PLEASE NOTE! THE VIDEO IS EMBEDDED BELOW BUT THE FORMATTING IS AWKWARD. PLEASE ACCESS THE VIDEO THROUGH THIS LINK ANDNOTTHE EMBEDDED VIDEO BELOW! The video is from YouTube and you can click on “CC” for captions if necessary.The short paper on the Romanian revolution as presented in the 1990 Koppel Report video “Death of a Dictator” will be a FORMAL 2-3 page ANALYSIS of the Romanian revolution of 1989 focusing on what YOU see as the most important variables regarding why this revolution occurred. You must use the appropriate contextual and explanatory concepts we’ve considered in the audio lectures and the text.This is NOT a video review, but an analytical paper. I’ve seen the video; I don’t need it described or reviewed. I want ananalysisof the revolution using the analytical concepts discussed in the audio lectures and the text.The video is embedded below but the external link is better for full screen viewing. Closed captioning (subtitles) are available on ANY YouTube video. Just click the CC tab at the bottom of the screen.Please remember: One page is TOP MARGIN to BOTTOM MARGIN. Please use 1 inch margins all around and a standard font in 10 or 12 point (Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman, please). A title page is required so you do not need to put information (other than page numbers) in headers! Include a formal references (footnotes or endnotes and bibliography, OR author/date [parenthetical] and ‘works cited’ page). Refer to Turabian chapters 15-19 and the appendix for proper formatting.Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8DQ-Axi1V0&feature=emb_titlePolitical Science


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