political science essay 2

ObjectivesProvide objectives here.InstructionsReview sections from Carl Von Clausewitz’ On War, Chapter 1″What is War?”(accessible version.)What is War PDF versionUse sections 2, 4, 11, 23, 24, and 25 for the basis of your paper. Other sections can be used to support your analysis.Use two tools of analysis for your paper.ExamplesPossible paper: It is recommended to compare and contrast a few sections for the first analysis. For the second analysis, you could describe a U.S. war in the past and how the sections you compared and contrasted apply to the U.S. war. Other types of analysis are acceptable.This is a full essay and should demonstrate your writing skills developed over the course including: a hook, introduction, thesis, organized paragraphs, good structure, several analytical techniques, and a conclusion.GradingThis assignment is graded with the highest scrutiny of formatting, structure, organization, and quality of analysis in preparation of the term paper.Political Science


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