POLITICAL SCIENCE 301 :intro to government :U.S, write a term paper 1000 word

term paper: 1000 word.SHORT ESSAY RUBRICTheme, thesis or central idea                        In first paragraph(20 point)      No Marks(0 point)Grammar:Such as typos, spelling mistakes, choice of wording in wrong usage, etc.  Full Marks(20 point)          No Marks(0 point)Citation:No need to cite because the only source for this writing is to be based on the textbook and no outside sources are allowedFull Marks(40 point)   No Marks (0 point)Support :Concrete examples to support your opinion (thesis)   Full Marks(40 point) No Marks(0 point)Length:In word count of 1000 to the minimum     Full Marks (40 point)    No Marks(0 point)Conclusion:Based on your theme and argument   Full Marks(40 point)    No Marks(0 point)Political Science


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