Policy transfer on Disability Housing in NSW Australia

Summary: a critical analysis of the prospects for success or failure of your preferred program’s transfer to your chosen Australian jurisdiction.

Now that you have (a) identified a specific policy/program in an Australian jurisdiction (Assignment 1) and (b) chosen a particular program from a different jurisdiction because it seems to be a promising candidate for borrowing (Assignment 2), the final assignment considers the feasibility of actually borrowing the program and having it ‘work’.

Assignment 3 requires you to critically examine the ‘receiving’ political arena in Australia.

 This  assignment should address, at a minimum:

 1. A statement of the benefits which will accrue if the borrowed program can be transferred successfully into the relevant Australian jurisdiction.

 2. A critical analysis of the major differences between the ‘exporting’ jurisdiction – i.e. the jurisdiction from which the program will be borrowed  – and the Australian jurisdiction into which the program will be transferred. 

 3. A critical analysis of the Australian political and institutional context in which the ‘borrowed’ program will be applied. Identify difficulties  which might arise from these differences, and consider the feasibility of overcoming them.

 4. A critical analysis of the politics of transferring the program:  which individuals and groups might support it and which might oppose it and why?  what are costs, and upon whom are these likely to fall?

5. A critical analysis of the ways in which the program needs to be ‘tied into’ or ‘hooked up’ to the existing institutional arrangements in the Australian jurisdiction.

 6. Your recommendation whether the relevant jurisdiction should proceed with the program transfer and reasons for your recommendation.

Note: You should consider the option of recommending that there should not be a transfer as well as the option of recommending that there should be a transfer.


This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:

• Identify and critically analyse old and new theories regarding comparative public policy and public policy transfer

• Understand, explain and evaluate domestic and international processes of policy learning and policy transfer

• Identify policy transfer strategies to solve problems arising from performance gaps in extant or abandoned programs

• Show appropriate mastery of relevant methods of communication


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