Physical and economic values

Your Self-esteem G. How to Develop Assertiveness Physical Values This are about the tangible aspects of life: the external world as well as the state of our physical health and well-being. Such values relate to the amount of space we need to feel comfortable and the degree to which we are satisfied and fulfilled by aesthetic stimulation and material possessions. These values can be seen in different ways: 1 . Clothing styles Wearing the right clothing for the proper occasion is important. However, cultural rules in other countries might be different from your own.
So, our clothes say a great deal about who we are and can signal a great deal of socially important things to others, even if the impression is actually unfounded. 2. Vehicles The importance of a car to the business cannot be underestimated. Businesses dealing with any form of merchandise need reliable transport for a constant supply of goods to their business as well as delivery of goods to their clients. A car is an invaluable asset to the business that will enable faster implementation of the business process.
Our careers and presentation in the society are also very important aspects in our lives and each and every activity that we do will most certainly require traveling and marketing a skill or a product. Having a car enhances your presentation and your image. However it is not only important to have one but also to maintain the car in clean polished condition in order to retain that professional image that will keep you ahead of the pack all the time. 3. Architectural preferences in the home we select to buy or rent Architects have long thought that the style of a building conveys social meanings and effects emotional experience.
These convey personality traits such as friendliness, privacy and independence, social status, aesthetic sense, life style, ideas and values to others. 4. Actual health of the body Good health has a positive effect on the productivity of the employees. This will make you feel more energetic and you will be able to carry out both simple as well as strenuous tasks without pushing yourself too hard. As your mind and body is free from work pressure and mental stress, you can handle the daily chores at workplace with a positive attitude.
You feel motivated to finish off the task at hand and will be interested to work on more number of things. Your mind develops a natural tendency to focus upon the positives and is not bothered much about the negatives. Physical values are about feeling physically satisfied and comfortable in our home and in our environment. Economic Values Economic values are also known as financial life values. These are about money and finances. They are unrelated to how much money we actually have. These values reflect what we think or believe about our money and financial affairs.
They reflect how we value money and what it can buy or how it can grow as an investment. Financial life values may or may not be related to what we actually know about money and finance. As with any deeply held values, we might intend action to increase savings or decrease debt, but choose instead to reinforce our self-esteem on “needs” manufactured in the market place. Nearly everyone, regardless of educational level or affluence, is concerned with: 1. The sufficiency of their money. (Do I have enough? ) (How long will my money last? . The appropriateness of their financial decisions. ( Is this the right choice for me? ) The answers to those questions have different meanings for different individuals based on their financial values. Individuals less concerned about appropriateness of purchases are less likely to be prepared for financial emergencies. Those who think more about the sustainability of their money generally have a healthier bank balance. And what is “enough” to one person can differ greatly from the enough of the person standing next to him or her.


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