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The Module Three assignment is complete/incomplete (25 points). You will be taking two steps: (1) revise and refine what you already have; (2) add a section from Module Three that includes analysis of Matthew in in light of your thesis.
(1) Revise and refine. Take another look at your introduction, thesis, and your first section on Mark.

  • Does your thesis concretely sum up what you are arguing or asserting in your paper thus far? Have your thoughts changed? Note: this is a longer paper. Your thesis need not be limited to a couple sentences.
  • Does your Mark section connect well with your thesis? Do you have any passages you want to add?

(2) Compose the second section of your paper. Here you will examine Matthew.  You may use a subheading for each section of your paper. You may even title your subsections. This helps you effectively sum up what you are doing in each section.

  • Write at least two paragraphs connecting the readings in Module Three to your thesis.
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