Philosophy homework help

There will be 6 different questions and you can work on just one.
Note:- this is just an essay outline.
1. Using Sartre’s notion of ‘existence precedes essence’, gives an account of human nature. What does this position entail in regard to freedom? Present evidence and reasons both for and against your view.
2. Outline and critically assess the main aspects of human nature and existence according to Martin Heidegger’s approach. Do you agree with this account of what it means to be human? Give examples and reasons to support your view.
3. “Art and literature can be used to explore philosophical questions” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What does art tell us about human nature? What does it tell us in particular?
4. “There is something special about human nature in comparison to other animals” Do you agree with this statement? Provide an argument either attacking or supporting this proposition using reasons and evidence.
5. Is human nature changed by modern technology? Present an argumentative position on this question and consider counterevidence.
6. How do the findings and theories of modern biology influence the debate about human nature? Discuss an aspect of the debate and present an argument for a position.
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