Philosophy Essay

Students are required to submit a 1000-1200 (minimum) term paper, which will count for 60% of their final course grade. The student must do the following in this paper:Cultural Reflection:The student will discuss how his/her culture has shaped his/her identity and world view.Cultural Comparison:The student will compare his or her culture to a different culture.Cultural Accommodation:The student will consider how an individual can adjust his/her actions to successfully interact with someone from another culture.Civic Responsibility:The student will discuss his/her civic responsibilities as a member of a particular community. The student should also describe the degree to which he/she meets those responsibilities. What steps could be taken to improve civic engagement nationwide?Culture and Civic Responsibility:What is the relationship between culture and civic responsibility. How can civic responsibility improve intercultural interactions?Philosophical Engagement:Somewhere in the course of this paper, the student should incorporate significant references to at least two thinkers we’ve discussed this semester, i.e.( Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates)Any student who turns in plagiarized work for the term paper will receive a failing grade for the course.Political Science


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