The philosophy behind the assessment regime is that it is an integral part of the education process and one of the principal drivers to learning. Assessment follows the same approach as the learning materials in being innovative and related to the student’s workplace and/or profession and professional aspirations. In all assessment activities, where appropriate, students are encouraged to apply what they have learnt to their own (project or business) organisation and activity of interest. The assessment will be on the basis of the extent to which a student has been able to apply subject material to gain new insight and create or envisage the start of innovations within the organisation or profession and professional aspirations.

Part A 
Part A of this assignment is focused on the concept, principles, potential and way forward for an integrated approach to project delivery in the construction industry. The assignment requires the following overarching questions to be addressed: 

What is an integrated approach to project delivery?
What are the drivers/enablers and challenges/barriers to an integrated approach to project delivery?’
What is the potential and way forward for industry adoption of an integrated approach to project delivery?’

The overall aim of Part B for the students to reflect on the work they have done in the computer lab., the guest lectures, demonstration and the activities during the digital construction week, etc. This part will take the form of a short piece of reflective writing. This will discuss your experience of using BIM software and digital technologies used in construction and should have the following key components: 
This is basically About Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Any graphics, tables, diagrams should be referenced and not created. 

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