PEW result response 2

One page response with scholarly source…Based on the PEW Center research, I am an Opportunity Democrat along with 12% of the public.  I do agree that I am socially liberal yet believe in a vibrant market and free trade.  I have liberal attitude on most issues including the environment, immigration and homosexuality.  I strongly believe in the American dream.  Hard work and perseverance are enough for most people to get ahead.  I am supportive of US engagement abroad and involvement in global matters.  I view that the economic system unfairly favors powerful interest.  I also favor our country to be active in world affairs.  We should commit to maintaining a powerful military and strong leadership role in the international affairs to address security challenges abroad.  International terrorism is still the greatest threat we are facing after 911 terrorist attacks. I believe that we should have a powerful military to defend our country, but I also agree in good diplomacy is the best to ensure peace.   Immigrants today strengthen our country because of their hard work and skills.  According to Caumont (2014), there are 40 million immigrants that live in the US.  As the nation becomes more racially diverse, its population is also aging.  Both of these trends mean that by 2060, America will look different.  These demographic changes have and will impact our politics, social values, and economy of our country.Reference:Caumont, A. (2014).10 big questions the pew research center has tackled in the past decade. Research Center. Political Typology Quiz. New Era Enterprisers. U.S. Politics & Policy. Science


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