Personnel Security

You are the chief security officer of a UK based manufacturer of military vehicles. You have been asked by the company board to undertake research and provide an assessment as to how the corporate security function of personnel security, can be managed more effectively. 

Prepare a report directed to him/her, based on material deriving from a review of academic literature and other relevant documentary sources, addressing the following objectives: 
• To outline key explanatory aspects relating to the strategic management of the security function you have chosen. 
• To outline the main components of strategic planning (strategic analysis, strategic design, strategic implementation and strategic review) in relation to the specific requirements of that function. 
• To assess the benefits and challenges associated with its management.
• To provide a set of good practice/guidance recommendations that can be evidenced and/or supported from the findings of your review.


Web sources: 

Fischer, R.J., Halibozek, E. and Green, G. (2008) Introduction to Security (8th ed.). Burlington, MA: Butterworth-Heinemann.
Gill, D. and Darroch-Warren, A. (2010) Good Practice Guide on Workplace Investigations. Caldecote: Security Institute.
Roper, C.A., Fischer, L.F., and Grau, J.J. (2006) Security Education, Awareness, and Training: from Theory to Practice. Burlington, MA: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann.

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