Personal Nursing Philosophy of Care

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  • Addresses learning outcome(s):
    • Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to: 1. discuss the various theoretical perspectives about the body that inform nursing caring;
    • analyse the potential issues for nursing practice when the body is considered as separate from the person;
    • examine a socially constituted embodied view of agency for both the nurse and those receiving nursing caring.
  • Related graduate attribute(s):
    • UC graduates are professional – communicate effectively
    • UC graduates are professional – employ up-to-date and relevant knowledge and skills
    • UC graduates are global citizens – adopt an informed and balanced approach across professional and international boundaries
    • UC graduates are global citizens – understand issues in their profession from the perspective of other cultures
    • UC graduates are lifelong learners – be self-aware
    • UC graduates are lifelong learners – reflect on their own practice, updating and adapting their knowledge and skills for continual professional and academic development

Instructions for Students

You are required to reflect on your own and your family’s experience of health care, and the experiences, beliefs and assumptions that have led you to choose to study nursing.

You are then required to explore the views and theories articulated by nursing theorists published in scholarly literature, and apply what you learn to develop a personal nursing philosophy of care (1800 words +/- 10% including in-text references).

This assessment will be discussed in week 1 tutorial groups. You will be challenged to consider an image that is presented in the first tutorial to help inform your personal nursing philosophy.

  • This paper can be written in the first person because it relates to your views and your analysis but it must be underpinned with critical reflection, the ANMC Code of Professional Conduct and Code of Ethical Practice, and scholarly literature.
  • Please refer to the marking rubric which will be posted on Moodle from Week 1 (in the block labelled ‘Assessment’) for a breakdown of the how marks will be awarded and directions.
  • Detailed directions regarding formating and other expectations for written work will also be available on Moodle from Week 1 (in the block labelled ‘Assessment’).


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