Personal Development Plan ( i need it after 3 hours).

Understanding yourself and the skills you have is important for tackling work tasks. Equally important is identifying skills that you feel you do not have but need to develop to effective in the workplace. Self Management skills are those skills that help you to feel and be more productive in the workplace. The type of skills that help you make good decisions.
For this task, consider your current personal skills set. Think about skills that you have developed up to this point in your life.
These skills can be from responsibilities and chores in the home, which can be transferred to the workplace. For example, if you have children, you will have had to manage time while caring for them, getting them ready and out the door for school etc. If you help your mum or sisters or aunts cook for the family then, you are developing confidence and concentration.
You may have a part-time job or had one in the past; you will have studied at another institution i.e. school; university. What skills have you identified during this time.
Once you have considered yourself and also how you could either prove or provide examples of these skills, identify them on the chart below with a P or X.


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