Personal classroom management plan



 Assessment   2   Advanced Classroom Management

Personal classroom management plan     

  For this assignment you will prepare a personal plan for classroom management. . You may be best to develop it under the following  sections;  

  The  Plan

A ) Reflect on your personal upbringing and values.  What are your personal beliefs about the purpose of discipline ? How are these influenced by your understanding of childhood  and how children learn, the reasons for disruptive behaviour and the status of teachers with respect to students?  What do these imply for your role as a teacher ? This section should be a personal statement, not a reflection on research. ( approximately 600 words )          

B )  What are your goals for classroom management ?  ( approximately 300 words…can be dot points . Limit this to about six goals and be careful not to confuse goals with procedures, which lead to your goals. )        

C )   Which theory, or blend of theories, of discipline/ management is consistent with your beliefs ? why ? There should be evidence of a connection between dot points 1,2 and 3. ( approximately  600 words )         

( D ) Which practices would you implement ? Start by describing the key features of your plan and ” what it will look like in the your rules, routines, rewards, consequences etc Make it evident how the theorists have influenced your classroom processes. ( approximately 600 words )      

 Having described your management plan , in general, What would you do during the first  lesson and reinforce in the first weeks of school to get off to a good start with respect to classroom  management and discipline ?  Consider, for example, day one, week one, first few weeks. ( approximately 400 words )                      

             ( E ) Critique of the plan       What are the risks and challenges to your plan ?

             You have been provided with five (5 ) different possible teaching scenarios, including rural settings, gender based settings and settings influenced by socio economic factors.  Choose two ( 2 ) of the settings, research the schools websites , and ;

Comment on the key features of your plan, why they are appropriate and how they are coherent. What adjustments may be necessary in that setting ?  ( approximately 600 words )  ( 300 words each )           

 Scenarios   ….a district high school…either Corrigin DHS; Morawa DHS or Kojonup DHS

                  ….a large regional secondary school…..either Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community College or Port Hedland Senior High School

                  ….a metropolitan low socio economic secondary school…….either Armidale Senior High School or Girrawheen Senior High School

                   ….a single sex private school……..either Trinity College or Penrhos College

                   ….an alternative education philosophy school…….either Perth Montessori School ( Burswood )  or..Corridors College, Midland

           ( F )   Application of Plan to case study scenario.

            Having now developed your plan and reconciled your beliefs and values with the plan, consider the scenario  and outline how you would apply your plan to address issues you have identified.   The case study will be distributed in Week  7.  ( approximately 300 words )          ( 6 marks )

    NB  During the class in Week 12 , we will share the core of the theorists used . This is an informal input which does not require any formal preparation or presentation. It allows us all to appreciate the range of theorists chosen and the principles on which they are chosen.

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