Perforation Erosion

The thesis paper will be about perforation erosion. I will provide a rough table of content devised by me of how I see the paper should go. And, I will provide a suggested table of content along with suggested topics per chapter given by the professor—see below for professor suggested ideas. Please add necessary information which you deem is needed for the coherency of the paper. In addition, I will provide some journals that will help up with the literal search as well as the rubric for the thesis paper and an SPE styleguide just in case it is needed. For example in Chapter 1: Brief description of perforating When does perforation erosion occur? Why are we concerned? Chapter 2: Summarize early perforation erosion studies – e.g., Cleary, Wright, Crump and Conway Summarize more recent applications in horizontal wells Chapter 3: Analytical and numerical methods in the literature Chapter 4: Why is perforation erosion important? What are companies like Geodynamics doing to exploit/address these concerns? How is pressure and fracture geometry impacted by perforation erosion? Chapter 5: Where next Chapter 6 Summary


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