Patient Consent in the UK

This reflective piece has to be written based on a pharmacist who is undertaking a post-grad qualification allowing them to prescribe on completion. All reflective evidence based on the article has to focus on this implication but furthermore, it is important that the precedence of the outcome of the court hea ron be mentioned in the reflective comment.

1. Title “Patient consent in the UK”
2. Reflective Comment (this must be a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 450 on the article)
3. Relevance to Learning Outcome(s) (state which and reflect on why)
4. Relevance on Prescribing Competency(ies) (state which and reflect on why)

 Learning Outcome 14 – Demonstrate an understanding of the legal, ethical and professional framework for accountability and responsibility in relation to prescribing.
– There is no prescribing competency that fulfils the criteria from reflecting on this article so this can be left out. 

Use this section to also reflect on your learning from the Guided Study (in this case the journal titled “Patient Consent in the UK – Learning article”) that has been of most
interest to you and most helpful in enabling you to achieve the course learning outcomes and prescribing competencies. You might particularly reflect on learning materials that have helped you to achieve clinical competency in the area that you intend to prescribe immediately on qualification as an independent prescriber.

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