PAD 599 week 2 disc

Review “Doing the Right Thing,” in Chapter 5 of Managing the Public Sector.A partial list of large-scale governmental planning activities would have to include at least the following:Planning for the conservation and use of natural resources.City planning.Planning for full employment.Planning for personal and family security.Planning for agriculture.Planning for the improvement of government organization.Provide one example from the case that addresses one of the planning activities.Review “Robin Hood,” in Chapter 5 of Managing the Public Sector.The story stated that the source of revenue (the rich) was dwindling because the rich were avoiding the forest. Robin considered increasing revenue by assessing a fixed transit tax.Recommend a contingency plan to increase revenue that would allow Robin Hood to stay true to his mission. Comment on the use and importance of contingency plans by public administrators. Provide an example to illustrate.Political Science


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