The proposal summary, also referred to as an executive summary, provides an overview of the full proposal and determines whether the funder will continue to read the full proposal. I like to think of the proposal summary as a trailer and preview of a movie.Thinking about a proposal as a preview or trailer for the full grant proposal, select another grant proposal from theExamples of Successful Grant Proposals(one you have not selected previously)( can not useKurzweil Educational Systems: ) and focus on the summary.For the first part of the discussion, provide a response to each of the six questions in Worksheet 10.1: Summary Questionnaire (found in Step 10 in your textbook) using the information found in the summary. Be sure to also identify the specific grant proposal you working from.Worksheet 10.1 Summary Question1. What is the identity of the organization and what is the mission?2. What is the proposed program or project (title, purpose, targeted population)?3. Why is the proposed program or project important?4. What will be accomplished by this program or project during the time period of the grant?5. Why should the organization be the one to do the program or project (credibility statement)?6. How much will the program or project cost during the grant time period? How much is being requested from the funder?For the second part of the discussion, based on what you’ve learned from the textbook and after reading some examples of successful grant proposals, what is one piece of advice you give on writing the summary to someone who is writing their first grant?Political Science


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