pad 501 week 8 assignment

REVIEW THE GRANT MANAGEMENT CYCLEReview the Grant Management CycleYour grant application is nearly done! There’s just one more piece you’ll need to complete for the application process to be complete.In addition to laying out the all of the goals and objectives, you’ll need to show the funders how you plan to measure whether or not those goals and objectives are being met. This is all part of the grant management that will take place after you receive a grant.Your job now is to determine how you will evaluate the success of the program. You will need to create a document that considers the following questions:What questions will the organization’s evaluation activities seek to answer?What are the evaluation plans and time frames?What kinds of data will be collected?At what points?Using what strategies or instruments?Using what comparison group or baseline, if any?If the intention is to study a sample of participants, how will this sample be selected?What procedures will be used to determine whether the program was implemented as planned?Who will conduct the evaluation?Who will receive the results?How does this program or project define success?Create a 2–3 page document that answers each of the questions at a high level. This document should be written in such a way that it can be shared across the Resource Center as well as with volunteers and partners in the program so they can understand how the program will be evaluated throughout the grant cycle. While you want the information to be clear and specific, it’s not necessary to go into great detail. It should be easily understood by all.The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:Review the grant management cycle.Political Science


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