Organisational Development and Change management

Brief: Organisational Analysis 

You are an organisational change and development consultant. You have been hired to produce a report for an organisation undergoing large scale organisational change. 

Using diagnostic tools, insights from theory, organisational analysis and your own research you will produce a ‘best practice’ scenario report for the organisation to consider. 

Your report should include but is not limited to:

• A description of the organisation you are consulting for (e.g. sector, number of staff, turn over, nature of business) 
• An overview of the environment the organisation operates in (e.g. political, economic, societal) 
• A diagnostic on the culture of the organisation 
• A description of the nature of the change being introduced/ already started in the organisation
• The areas in the organisation you are highlighting for attention for the organisation.
• A recommendation of other methods of organisational analysis and benefits of each.

You may select an organisation with which you are familiar with or can gather adequate data for your report. You are not required to suggest solutions or interventions as part of this brief. 

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