Orange and Bronze Main Problem

Development of online android application market for Orange and Bronze Main Problem: a. The company has no testing site or centralized point of for their applications software products. Specific Problems: a. Many software products are non-marketable b. Limited number of their software products viewed in the public Causes of the Problems: a. Other countries have different speculations of software products because of their culture b.
Almost all of their software products is for their big clients such as accenture, advance, Aeon, Allied Telesis, Technologies so hey don’t give the overview of their products because of security purposes and copyrighted. c. Effects of the Problems: a. More software products will be wasted b. Loss of clients. General Subject Area: Application of Mobile Technology in the field of Business II. Specific Topic: The OBAAM is an Philippine android online application that enables the user to download and browse mobile application.
It also helps the Application developer to publish their own application for testing Ill. Definition of the Topic: A. Importance and Significance The purpose of this study is to have an efficient, reliable, and functioning entralized distributor of software product of the company that can be viewed and download in public. This study aims to present solution to the development ot system that will help the company to upload their apps (made by their Junior programmer) for testing. It also helps other developer’s idea not to be wasted.

This research project allows us gain information for the development of a system. It also help us for our future career. Through this research, we will already have a peek in what we will do in the future. B. Manageability: (Scope and Limitations) Is the research topic within your capability? What: Descriptions and types The OBAAM is an online Android application that will help the company to test their software products. Feedbacks from the user of the software will help the company for further improvements of the software.
Who: users and beneficiaries Through this proposed system, the user could easily find company’s android apps even those unusual apps that can only be downloaded in the Philippines. The users will be benefitted by having feedback messages that will be the basis on improving the said system Where: users and applications To use the said system, the user will require android devices. When: historical background The company focuses in providing software services and software products on many big clients so lots of their software products cannot be viewed or download.
Why: importance and relevance The system will help the client, user and the company interact providing their different needs. The system will distribute the software products made by the company and benefit both company and user How: process, functions and operations The processes include browsing and downloading of new software apps, uploading apps ,writing suggestions or bugs in forums and C. Availabili y ot Resources: (Sources ot Intormation) Where do you intend to get the information? Primary Data: Thesis and Dissertation Secondary Data: Internet Others: Journals, Articles D.
Expected Output/ObJectives A system passed the following evaluation in terms of efficiency, reliability, functionality and maintainability. It will help the company to test their software, user to find unusual mobile android apps and save ideas in terms of marketability. General Objective: A designed and developed system and that will the evaluation in terms of functionality, reliability, and maintainability. The system is a apable of reporting bugs. The report or feedback will come from the users via forums.
Specific Objectives: The proposed system will help the company to increase the number of software products viewed in public that will lead to increasing number of their client. The system will be the container of software products in which it will make the unusual software products marketable so many ideas will not be wasted. University of Makati J. P. Rizal Ext. West Rembo, Makati City College of Computer Science Name: Canizares, Francis Joseph Diamante Garcia, Catherine Echipare Reyes, Edgar Peralta Program: Bachelor ot Science in Intormation Technology Major in Service Management TOPIC PRESENTATION Topic No. l. General Subject Area II. Specific Topic Ill. Specific of Research a. Background of the Study Orange and Bronze was founded in July 2005 by Calen Martin Legaspi and Renato “Butch” Landingin. Calen Legaspi says that they “wanted to establish a technology- oriented company that Filipinos can be proud of… we would also want to contribute to global programming standards, create new technologies and be with the same level together with globally-respected companies like Google, Microsoft and BoostPro. The company started as a two-man consulting firm doing software training for local software companies.
Their clients eventually hired them as software consultants, before the company ventured into offshore software development projects. This led to partnerships with Google, Springsource and Pentaho. Orange & Bronze Software Labs Inc. (O&B) is a privately-owned computer software development company based in the Philippines. The company delivers software consulting, product engineering, and IT training services with a focus on Java technology. Their mantra is to successfully create software and provide technology olutions that work. b. Research Description i.
General Objectives To develop an Application Market that will serve as a centralized contact point and distributor of apps for Android Devices Specitlc O 1 . Evaluate the system in terms of functionality, reliability, efficiency and maintainability 2. Develop the system designed 3. Provision of secure payment mechanisms 4. Avoidance of Downtime ill. Scope and Limitations This study is limited to browsing, downloading of Android apps for user, choosing of application type and publishing of application for Developer The OBAAM will only work whenever there is an internet connection.

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