Operations Management homework help

These are questions and problems that follow each chapter in your textbook. You will find that Chapter Questions, Quantitative Problems, and Web Exercises have been assigned. They are graded based upon agreement with the textbook. To improve your homework score, you should focus on making your answers both complete and correct.
See the Assignments and Grading page for more grading information.

  1. You are to work alone to analyze and prepare answers/solutions for the following questions and/or case studies.
    • The text should be your primary source of information for this assignment.
    • Note: Do not copy answers from other internet sites.  It is plagiarism when you use another person’s answers rather than preparing your own submission.  Park University maintains a university license agreement for an online text matching service called Turnitin. This tool may be used to evaluate the originality of student papers in this course. Other services and techniques may also be applied to evaluate your work for evidence of appropriate authorship practices as needed.
  2. Consolidate your response into one file for submission.
    • You will have to import Excel spread sheets and graphs into your Word documents.

Due Date

  • By Sunday at 11:59 P.M., CT.

Questions and Problems

  • Chapter 8: Objective Question 7 (page 258).  (5 Points)
  • Chapter 9: Case: Brunswick Motors (page 296).  Complete all three parts of the assignment.  (20 Points)

Chapter 8 question 7
Develop a production plan calculate the annual cost for a firm whose demand forecast is: fall 10,00; winter, 8000; spring, 7000; summer, 12,000. Inventory at the beginning of fall is 500 units. At the Develop a production plan and calculate the annual cost for a firm whose demand forecast is fall, 10,000; winter, 8,000; spring, 7,000; summer, 12,000. Inventory at the beginning of fall is 500 units. At the beginning of fall you currently have 30 workers, but you plan to hire temporary workers at the beginning of summer and lay them off at the end of summer. In addition, you have negotiated with the union an option to use the regular workforce on overtime during winter or spring only if overtime is necessary to prevent stockouts at the end of those quarters. Overtime is not available during the fall. Relevant costs are hiring, $100 for each temp; layoff, $200 for each worker laid off; inventory holding, $5 per unit-quarter; backorder, $10 per unit; straight time, $5 per hour; overtime, $8 per hour. Assume that the productivity is 0.5 unit per worker hour, with eight hours per day and 60 days per season.
Chapter 9

  • Initially, assume that Phil wants to minimize his inventory requirements. Assume that each order will be only for what is required for a single period. Using the following forms, calculate the net requirements and planned order releases for the gear boxes and input shafts. Assume that lot sizing is donr using lot-for-lot.


  1. Phil would like to consider the costs that his accountants are currently using for inventory carrying and setup for the gear boxes and input shafts. These costs are as follows:


  1. Find a better schedule by reducing the number of orders and carrying some inventory. What are the savings with this new schedule?



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