Online Observing Project -Astronomy


? Use an online observatory to gather basic astronomical images
? Develop a straightforward research question and investigation that can be answered an analysis of basic astronomical images

You will develop a research question, justify your question, request at least four distinct (as an individual) or eight distinct (as a pair) images, develop a procedure for analyzing your images, discuss your findings, and conclude whether your research question was clearly answered or not. Your product will be a PowerPoint document created on the template I will give you. The different parts of the assignment are described on the template. You will download the template from the assignment description in Canvas. Before your final submission, you should delete all of the directions that were pre-loaded on the template.

Observation protocol

Go to to see a video version of this protocol.
1. Go to Observing with NASA:
2. Click on “Control Telescope”. Before doing the next step, you should decide your research question and your complete set of targets. Don’t just pick random objects for your images.
3. Select your target by clicking the word “Observe” below your target.
4. Select your Field of View, Exposure Time, and Filter Selection. Sometimes there is only one choice. Other times you may get a message saying “image may be over or underexposed” or “Optimal exposure time”. It is acceptable to pick something other than optimal exposure time if the effect of exposure time is part of your research question. Click “Continue” in the lower right corner of the screen.
5. Enter your email address and provide the additional information. You can’t submit without choosing answers here. Click “Submit”.
6. If you want to take more images right away, go back to “Control Telescope”.
7. When your images arrive, download them right away. You do not have to use MicroObservatory Image to bring out more detail.

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